Puppies will be born the first week of June!

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Welcome! We're so glad you're here.

I'm Kim, and we're proudly bringing you amazingly, kind, gentle, hilarious, and cuddly Multigeneration Australian Labradoodles. Our breeder dogs are extensively health tested, are at least 5 generations deep, and we seek to breed puppies that are excellent in quality, temperament, coat and personality.

The Australian Labradoodle breed is multi-generational, originating in the 80's, with several breeds originally in the mix (details in Helpful Info tab). This gives you a very consistant coat, overall look, as well as health and temperment outcomes. They are allergy and asthma friendly, and completely (or almost completely) non-shedding. (Cue the hallelujah corus). They are as smart as they are sweet and loving, and are the perfect breed in our eyes!

Our family loves dogs, and they are first and foremost our pets, raised as beloved family members. It's possible that they're a bit spoiled, but we love bringing out their inner woof! The Puppy Culture Program we use accentuates that even more, and we believe the difference is striking. (See Training page).

All of us in our family have had dogs our whole lives, and they've taught us much, just making life richer!  Stopping to see the world through their eyes is a hoot, and humbling...(if I could only love half as well as they do!) 

  1. Passion
    We are all in with our pups! They're family members who make life fuller and more fun! We are dedicated to doing everything we can to socialize, train, and care for these amazing puppies, including using Puppy Culture! They are born in our bedroom, and move to a bigger area around 3 weeks old. As they grow, their area is expanded and fun things are added, but they're always right in our main living area. They're held, cared for, cuddled, and loved all day long.
  2. Location
    We are located in Kansas City, right in the center of the United States. We're just 40 minutes from MCI, Kansas City International Airport, which is really easy to maneuver through. We're happy to fly puppies to you, meet you at MCI, or to personally accompany them to your local airport.
  3. Why Us?
    We will LOVE each puppy as our own, SPOILING them lots of love, SOCIALIZATION, and TRAINING. This will prepare them to be wonderful family members for you! We use the amazing Puppy Culture program to reduce fears, and create confident little ones! We feed them only top quality food, and begin desensitizing them to common triggers of fear at 3 days old, making them amazingly well rounded and generally brave lil guys! Because waiting can be hard, we will give you lots picture and video updates as the puppies grow!