About Us
​​After years of serious health issues with our beloved Chocolate Lab, Riley, I (Kim) finally had the heart to look for our next 'one day' puppy. I needed one that was sturdy, loving and cuddly, but not needy; a breed that had a reputation for being healthy, non-shedding, and allergy friendly. I also wanted that great mix of adventerous, but calm; eager to please, yet confident at the same time. And that's how we found the Australian Labradoodle breed. They're all that and just plain wonderful.​​

We're no strangers to breeding, and have always loved it! Before breeding Australian Labradoodles, we proudly breed Ragdoll cats for years, and still keep in touch with many of our families.

We assure you that your puppy will be loved, spoiled and adored from the get go! They are raised right with us, and get lots of socialization, which is critical for their developement.

From day 3 of life, we do the Puppy Culture Program with them, which exposes them to situations to build confidence and a sense of security. This makes life much easier on you, and your new little family member, by taking the apprehension and scary out of normal everyday sounds and situations. We also have an emphasise on potty, crate, and introductory commands, all using clicker training. Our goal is to make pet owner's lives easier with their new pup!

See our Puppies and Training pages for more information on the wonderful Puppy Culture Program:  https://oodlesoffluffydoodles.com/training .

A SPECKLED NOSE. See  https://oodlesoffluffydoodles.com/our-dogs under GRACIE'S  pic for an explination!