Guardian Program

We're looking for guardian homes for future puppies that will join our program! 

It's very important to us that all of our breeder dogs live a full life as a family pet, even in their breeding years. We use Guardian Homes to allow each breeding dog this opportunity. Guardians allow our dogs to live as a pet and be loved as a special family member in their home from day one, while being a part of our breeding program at the same time.  We work closely with each family, as they'll be an important part of our program!

These forever parents love and care for the puppy/dog, taking care of all everyday living and expenses. Oodles of Fluffy Doodles pays all breeding expenses, while retaining ownership and all breeding rights until the Guardian contract is fulfilled. At the time, the dog is spayed or neutered at Oodles of Fluffy Doodles' expense, and ownership is transferred to their Guardian, forever family. There's no hard transition to a forever home when their breeding careers are over, which makes our hearts happy.

Our Guardian Families get the benefit of the pick of the litter (chosen by Oodles of Fluffy Doodles) and a fully tested Australian Labradoodle, at a much reduced price. The puppy/dog comes to us to breed/whelp puppies, and then returns again to their Guardian Family until the next time. When the agreeded upon number of breedings is fulfilled, the dog is the guardian's forever! 

Here are the requirements:

     - Guardian Families must live within 1 hour of Kansas City and must have a securely fenced in yard

     - The dog must always be on a leash when outside of the fenced yard for safety and pregnancy prevention

     - Guardian dogs must be fed the required food, supplements and treats , as well as a NuVet supplement daily
     - Families must complete a puppy class, basic and advanced class, at a qualified, non-violent and Oodles approved training   facility, earning a Canine Good Citizen award. Each family member must agree to positive training/correction only, and no striking or using fear to manage the dogs wil every be used. It is simply not necessary, and there is a much better, easier way, that produces fantastic results.

     - Dogs must be professionally groomed every 8 weeks, in an approved Australian Labradoodle cut
     - All medications must be approved by us. This includes, but is not limited to:
               - Flea/Tick Medicine
               - Heartworm Medicine
               - Vaccinations (Must follow Dr. Jean Dodd's protocol, and use mercury free Rabies Vaccination)
               - Worming Meds

     - All medical procedures must be approved by Oodles of Fluffy Labradoodles

     - All Guardian dogs must come visit our home monthly to maintain familiarity, and often can stay with us while their family is traveling

     - Guardian parents must be willing to communicate clearly, and cooperate with us through the contract

Guardian families will get their dogs at a much reduced price. They pay a deposit, which they will receive back once the contract is completed, or as each litter is born.

We understand being a Guardian for one of our breeders may not be for everyone! But if you're interested, please contact Kim, and together, we can decide if it's a good match!   269-491-1000, or [email protected]