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               About Australian Labradoodles​

How the breed was established, and what makes it so different than Labradoodles?

​Food Is A Big Deal...

Food makes a massive difference, and we've done the work for you. See what we feed and why.


Don't let them poodle your doodle!! Here's how to groom your baby...or what to tell your groomer!

Training & Puppy Culture!   ​​

Your Australian Labradoodle will be very smart, and a wonderful companion. Socializing, training, as well as the early neurological stinulation program we do, will make your furry friend confident, and ready to take on the world with you, in a socially acceptable manner! Great links to our favorite trainers, books etc...

Health and Vaccinations

We are passionate about health, and doing everything on our end to help our four legged little buddies live as long and vibrant of a life as possible. Our best tips, natural wonders, vaccination protocol and more...