Training and Socialization

Training is an amazing way to ensure you have an amazing bond with your really enjoyable pet! But not just any training! Australian Labradoodles are eager to please, very intuitive critters. That means they're typically VERY eager to please, so positive training with clicker reinforcement does wonders. Fear and punitive methods of old, are something that never needs to be used with your little buddy. 

Socialiation is EXTREMELY important, and something we take very seriously (with a LOT of fun) as breeders.

So, just what is it, and what is the timeline for it with puppies??

Before the age of 12 weeks, puppies are open to novel (simply meaning something new) experiences. But novel situations that the pups haven't been exposed to after that magical 12 weeks number, are generally seen as a threat, scary or bad. And that triggers a fear response. And fear, leads to irrational behavior, and if not corrected, aggression. And this is why most dogs end up in the pound, or why families have a pet that is out of control, and not a pure joy to live with.

So, we're back to this...socialization is EXTREMELY important, and we will do everything under the sun we can to appropriately expose our puppies to as many people, things, and situations as we safely can before they go to their forever homes! This is our promise to you, and is why we use the Puppy Culture Program! It's an AMAZING program that starts at 3 days old, and goes on the entire time we have your precious ones with us. 

As your breeders, we will give you great information on the socialization needs of your new baby once the batton is passed to you! And, we're here to help along the way!! 

A great start is enrolling your bundle of joy into a puppy class asap, and we're happy to help you find a great one near you! 

We'll also provide our favorite training materials and sources to you. We have our favorites, and can help narrow it down for what works for you, and ultimately make your pet a pure joy to have around!

Our puppies are enriched with the wonderful Puppy Culture program. This program is amazing, as are the end results. It not only makes the puppies have larger brains, but makes them more confident, emotionally stable, and just better pets.

More Advantages of Puppy Culture:
More new brain cells and neural connections which cause an improved ability to learn and remember. 
More emotional stability
Better resiliance to stress
Learned ability to problem solve
Benefit from the "Enrichment Effect" which creats calm hearts and strong minds

The program begins at 4 days old, and continues until the puppies go home. We highly encourage all owners to continue the program at home through 12 weeks old for optimal benefits. 
For more information on Puppy Culture: